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Lewin & Associates, Inc., has many different financial planning tools available. With these, we can determine good spending habits for you, your net worth, and your savings. We also commonly assist with mortgages, life and disability insurance, retirement planning, and annuities and non-correlated investments. We give loan options, understanding, and a personalized plan.

At Lewin & Associates, Inc., we want you to have a financial plan that makes sense for your situation and leads to your financial success. We’ll do the math for you and make it easy to use our financial planning services. We work throughout the Tampa, FL, area to give you the best available options. Contact us with any questions by calling us toll-free at (888) 303-1098.​​


Many insurances protect you and your family from financial loss when unforeseen events occur.


Maximize your benefits and protect your finances with a long term care hybrid policy that gives you 3.5 times your premium.

​Whatever your current situation, your finances play an important role in your life. But you may be unsure of where to start. That’s where Lewin & Associates, Inc., comes in. We provide financial planning services throughout the Tampa, FL, area to make understanding your budget and money easy. Whether you’re planning for your first mortgage or starting estate planning, we can help.

A financial plan depends on what is going on in your stage of life. You’ll have a different plan if you’re planning your retirement than if you’re getting life insurance for the first time. Lewin & Associates, Inc., has helped people meet their long- and short-term goals since 1996. This experience helps us understand planning strategies while we’ve kept up with modern trends.


Working to get people the best interest rates and programs while showing people how to use mortgages as a financial tool.


The importance of diversification.


Our fixed indexed annuities offer guaranteed growth and guarantee you will never lose any of your  principle or gains.

Using the Right Tools to Get You What You Want


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